Windows Modules Installer Worker – What is this error and how to fix it

Windows Modules Installer Worker

Hen working in your own computer, you might detect your CPU fan spinning at full rate. The fan may keep on running at full rate even after shutting the apps you’re using. This is a indication that you’re undergoing Windows Modules Installer Worker high CPU usage.More way to fix the error from
Together with the Windows Modules Installer Worker with nearly all of the CPU resources, the processor works in full force. This creates a whole lot of heat, which then matches the fan at full rate.

What’s Windows Modules Installer Worker ?

Windows Modules Installer Worker, or TiWorker.exe, is a system tool built into Windows. The tool runs automatically, installing and checking Windows updates. It occupies over 50 percent of your CPU.
Windows Modules Installer Worker high CPU usage is among the typical errors experienced by those who use Windows computers.
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Windows Modules Installer Worker top CPU usage error
“Windows Modules Installer Worker high CPU usage error” in Windows 8/8.9 & 10 happens when the operating system begins updating and fixing itself. The system tool operates in the background each time you connect your computer to the web. It checks for and installs Windows updates.
Consequently, your computer can become slow and laborious. It is possible to use the End Task characteristic beneath the Microsoft Windows Task to begin running apps, but this might not address the problem.
If you’re facing the large CPU usage error, keep reading to discover in depth info about the best way best to repair it.
How to Repair the Windows Modules Installer Worker High CPU Usage Error
Listed below are five methods on How Best to fix the error:

Windows Modules Installer Worker

Method 1: Disable the Modules Installer

It is not suggested to disable Windows Modules since it’s an essential system file. Doing this means Windows won’t be able to process updates. Anyway, your system will likely be exposed to outside threats. You’re also very likely to encounter some issues with the operation of your computer.
But it is possible to stop updates to stop the Windows Modules Installer from launch. To do it, you’ll require a metered link to halt the download of updates in the community link.
This will let you protect against the initiation of the Modules Installer. Nevertheless, this may not be an ideal method, because it will stop your anti virus software from upgrading. Because of this, your computer will probably be vulnerable to risks.
However, you may also correct the problem by downloading Windows updates .
Learn how from another method.

Method 2: Change Windows updates to”guide”

By altering Windows updates to”manual,” updates will not download automatically. You’ll need to update Windows manually every month or week. Follow the following steps:
1. Press the Windows key and simultaneously to get misc in your own Windows 8/8.6 or even 10 computer
2. Input Windows Modules Installer Worker from the search box and then click on the search icon
3. Click Windows Module Installer Worker twice in quick succession. Then Choose the manual option from the drop-down menu
4. Open misc again and again enter Windows Update from the search box
5. Click Windows Update double and Pick the manual choice again
6. Press the Windows button and click Control Panel
7. From the Control Panel window, then click Windows Update
8. Find change placing on the left side of your Windows Update webpage
9. Change it to Assess for updates but allow me to decide whether to download and then install them. Click OK
This ought to prevent the Windows Module Installer message from troubling you. If it does not, try method three under.