How to Fix Modern Setup Host

Modern Setup Host

One of the pet peeves of Tech-dependent people is a super-slow computer. Can you assess the Task Manager if your PC is doing more poorly than normal? After this, this tool enables you to observe the items which are slowing your computer. Maybe, you have noticed the Modern Setup Host High Disk Usage resulting in high CPU usage.

It’s just natural to desire to Find out about this program that is eating up your disk area. If that is true for you, then you will be pleased you found this article. Here, we’re likely to go over whatever you want to learn about Modern Setup Host. What is more, we’ll teach you how you can repair the typical issues connected with that.

What’s Modern Setup Host in Windows 10 ?

When you look in the C:$Windows.BTSources folder, you may see the Modern Setup Host executable file. It’s a self-extracting installer and archive. In certain conditions, it is going to appear in your computer in case it runs on the Windows beta system version (Windows Technical Preview).Finding more solution to errors is now easy . Modern Setup Host runs in the background as soon as your system finds or installs updates. Additionally, it has a significant part in conducting the setup file for updating a PC into Windows 10.

Like other Windows elements, Modern Setup Host also offers its fair Talk of issues. Here are the most Frequent problems users reported:

  • Modern Setup Host leading to high CPU usage
  • Modern Setup Host has ceased working

Generally, Modern Setup Host errors have something to do with Windows Update issues. In this informative article, we discuss the very best techniques to manage this problem. Moreover, we’re going to discuss how it is possible to maximize the speed of your PC once you find that the Modern Setup Host in 100% disk usage.

Option 1: Running the Windows Update Troubleshooter

Among the best approaches to solve Modern Setup Host errors is Running the Windows Update troubleshooter. If you are using Windows 10, then the tool is built. But if your computer runs Windows 7 or Windows 8, then you will need to visit Microsoft’s site and download the troubleshooter. Here are the steps for conducting the troubleshooter on Windows 10:

1. Press Windows Key+S on your keyboard.

2. Currently, type”troubleshoot” (no quotations ).

3. Select Troubleshoot in the outcomes.

4. Proceed to the ideal pane, then choose Windows Update.

5. Click on the Run the Troubleshooter button.

6. Await the troubleshooter to spot and deal with the issues.

7. Adhere to the onscreen instructions to solve the problems.

For Windows 7 and Windows 8, then follow the instructions below:

1. Proceed to Microsoft’s site and get the troubleshooter.

2. When you’ve downloaded the troubleshooter, double-click on the executable file to execute it.

3. Pick Windows Update, then click on Next.

4. The Windows Update troubleshooter will discover and fix all of the issues.

Modern Setup Host

Option 2: Running a DISM Scan

Modern Setup Host errors might have something related to a Corrupted Windows update. Luckily, you may use Windows 10’s Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM) tool. This command-line program will be able to help you solve the issue. Here are the steps for conducting the DISM tool in your PC:

1. Proceed to your taskbar and click on the Search icon.

2. Type “cmd” (no quotes).

3. Right-click Command Prompt from the outcomes, then choose Run as Administrator in the choices.

4. If prompted to give consent, click Yes.

5. After Control Prompt is up, run the following commands:

DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Scanhealth

DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Checkhealth

DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth

Remember that the scanning and repair process will require several Minutes to finish. It’s crucial that you allow it to operate without bothering it. When the process is completed, assess when the Modern Setup Host issue persists. When it’s still there, then you can move to another solution.

Option 3: Performing a Clean Boot

You are probably seeing the Modern Setup Host error message as Certain desktop apps are interfering with Windows Update. To solve this problem, you have to do a fresh boot. Doing this permits you to start your system with just the critical drivers and startup apps. You can do a clean boot by following these steps:

1. On your keyboard, press Windows Key+R. This may start the Run dialog box.

2. Type “msconfig” (no quotes), then click OK.

3. When the System Configuration window is up, go to the General tab.

4. Deselect Load Startup Items.

5. Click on the Services tab, then tick the’Hide all Microsoft providers’ option in the bottom of the window.

6. Click on the Disable All button.

7. Proceed to the Startup tab and then click on Open Task Manager.

8. After Task Manager is available, click on the Startup tab.

9. Identify all of the startup items with all the Enabled status. Right-click all these, then choose Disable in the choices.

10. Close Task Manager and then Return to the System Configuration window.

11. About the System Configuration window, then click OK.

12. Restart your PC.

Once your computer restarts, consider installing the updates . Assess if the Modern Setup Host issue has been now gone.

Option 4: Using the Ideal Default System Language

Windows Update issues also can happen when a computer’s system Language doesn’t fit the default system UI language. You can solve this problem via our alternatives below:

Assessing your Default System UI Language

1. Press Windows Key+S on your keyboard.

2. At this time you will need to type”cmd” (no quotes).

3. Right-click Control Prompt and choose Run as Administrator.

4. If motivated by User Account Control to provide access to this app, click Yes.

5. Inside Command Prompt, type “dism /online /get-intl” (no quotes), then press Enter. You will then have the ability to realize your default system UI language.

Assessing your System Language (Windows 10)

1. Open the Preferences program by pressing Windows Key+I on your keyboard.

2. Select Time & Language.

3. On the left-pane menu, then click on Region & Language.

4. Have a look at the ideal pane and check whether the language is just like your default system UI language.

5. If the language is put to another choice, amend it so. After doing this, consider installing the updates and check when the Modern Setup Host issue has been already gone. On the flip side, if the language matches with your default system UI language, you can move to Option 5.

Assessing your System Language (Windows 7)

1. Open the Run dialog box by pressing Windows Key+R on your keyboard.

2. Type”management” (no quotes), then click OK.

3. Ensure the View By choice is set to Large Icons.

4. Select Region and Language.

5. Assess if the language Matches with your default system UI language. Otherwise, alter it accordingly. But If It’s already set to the language choice, you can attempt the Second solution.