How much should I spend on a gaming PC ?

gaming PC

When we talk about gaming, we all know that it is one of the most popular and fun activities. It is something you can do for a long time without getting bored. One of the best things about gaming is that it Is available on various platforms. Gaming can be done on your phone, a console, a PC, and a few more platforms.

What is the best platform for gaming and why ?

Out of all the platforms, PC is by far the best platform to game on. It is also the most costly one but it is for sure worth the price. The good thing about a pc is that it can run games smoother than other platforms and also has a large selection of games. You also get a lot of upgrade potential with a PC so if your PC has trouble running a game, you can upgrade the graphics card or the CPU easily to make your PC better. So you should always consider getting a PC if you want to get into gaming.

Get a pre-built PC or build one yourself ?

Now a days pre-built computers come which means that all the parts are already connected and running and the parts are of the manufacturer’s choice. On the other hand, building your own pc is a more popular option as PC parts are available separately and you just simply need to watch a tutorial on YouTube which will teach you how easy it is to build a gaming pc yourself at home.

Building your own PC is the best choice because it is more reliable, cheaper and you get to pick the parts of your own and fully customize it yourself. If you don’t know much about PC parts, you should consider contacting someone who knows about it and can help you decide, and don’t worry I will also show you which parts you should buy to build a PC.

gaming PC

How much money should you spend on a gaming PC ?

The prices of building a PC have three different names. A budget PC that will cost $300-500, a mid-range PC that will cost $500-750 and an expensive high-end PC which can cost $750-2000. A mid-range PC is what people go for a lot as it is smoother and can run more games than a budget PC and is cheaper than a high-end PC.

What I recommend is a mid-range PC. The processor should be an intel core-i5 8th generation. The motherboard should be a gigabyte h310m-h. The graphic card should be an AMD RX580. It is one of the most powerful and not expensive graphic cards. If you want to game even more smoothly you should get at least 16gb ram for your PC.

I recommend a solid-state drive of 120gb to install windows on so your PC can boot up faster and do install your games you should buy a hard drive of at least 1TB. To power your PC, you should consider a 600-watt power supply. The best case to secure everything is the Thermaltake Versa N21.

All of this is going to cost $650. So this is how much money you should spend on a gaming PC and these are the best mid-range parts you can get. I hope you found this helpful and I hope you build a pc using my recommended parts.